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Hanging out at Ixchel’s. (plus – a new video!)

// April 17th, 2012 // 23 Comments » // thoughts, videos

My classes were cancelled today because our teacher came down with a stomach virus. I decided to lao the library and spent the afternoon at Ixchel’s. First I recorded the latest song I’ve learned to play WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS by Green Day. (It’s one of Tyler’s favourites.)

Then we just hung out.
We didn’t talk for ages, one of the things I really like about her, she knows when to be silent, nothing puts me off more than a girl getting chatty when you want to get romantic. On the other hand I sometimes find myself wondering what she’s thinking about, in all that silence. I guess I worry that maybe she’s thinking about Benicio. Well, whatever. It’s fine to have feelings for your ex, why not. Sometimes I think about Ollie and how I was about to fall for her when I found out what a liar she was. I don’t miss Ollie, only the way I she used to make me feel.
Predictably, after about an hour my phone started to buzz. Mum.
Ixchel said, “You should see your grumpy face. You look about nine years old.”
I said, “I’m nearly sixteen. And my Mum is telling me where to go and what to do.”
“Don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Montoyo’s mother was famous for being bossy.”
It was the first time I’d ever heard his mother mentioned. “How long ago did she die?”
“She’s not dead! Montoyo moved her to Merida, in the apartment he keeps there. Actually she insisted. She fell out with everyone in the city; she’s the bossiest person you can imagine.”
“So if my mum marries Montoyo, she’ll have a second mother-in-law in Merida.”
“The women of your family have something of a history of going for men from this city. Your grandmother with Aureliano, now your mother with Montoyo.”
“You can’t blame my mum for Montoyo. He’s pretty cool for an old guy.”
“Oh, now you like him.”
“Like? I dunno. Respect? Sort of.”
“Montoyo tries to rule from behind the scenes. Who knows what’s really going on?”
“Doesn’t that worry you? It scares the heck out of me. When I first came to the city, everyone told me that 2012 was under control, so long as I found the Ix Codex. But the longer I spend here, the more I suspect that it’s not true.”
“I don’t know how you became so trusting in the first place.”
“Just cos I’m not as fatalistic as you.”
Ixchel said nothing for a bit.
“So you think we’re all doomed, is that it? You think they’re going to fail, and there’s nothing we can or should do?”
“Maybe. Or maybe it’s fate. And what happens after 2012 is the price we all pay for. . .” And she stopped talking.
“You think that we’re just supposed to let the universe muck us about and not resist…?”
“The universe?! Josh, it’s not a conscious being.”
“You know what I mean. The US National Reconnaissance Office, trying to grab our technology. The Sect, trying to stop the Erinsi 2012 plan. The superwave, blasting its way through the galaxy. All of that is ‘the universe’.”
“We can’t do much about any of that,” Ixchel said. “Apart from follow the Erinsi’s instructions.”
I didn’t want to get into a row, so I didn’t continue. But I couldn’t disagree with Ixchel more. Maybe other people can’t do anything, but I know that I can. We wouldn’t even have the Ix Codex if it wasn’t for me. No one is invincible, but also there’s no way I have to sit back and wait for things to play out.
Anyway. Enjoy the song!

Legends of Ek Naab

// May 13th, 2011 // 87 Comments » // thoughts, videos

OK I’m back to blogging. Although – I did record a new song that I’ve been practicing! (see the video box)

This is a place of many legends. I found a second-hand book – ‘Legends of Ek Naab’ in the marketplace the other day, printed about fifty years ago. You’ll never guess who it was by…Blanco Vigores! The name wasn’t on the front cover, but I found it inside.

Some of the legends, I already knew. Like the story of Chan and Albita, the teenagers who were crazy in love and then died together, lost in the Depths. :( Chan and Albita had gone searching for a poetry-obsessed kid, Kan’ek who went off by himself, all depressed because his girl wouldn’t marry him. When he came back he wasn’t interested in poetry any longer but he smelled of gardenias and it drove all the girls wild.

Then there’s the story of the miracle of Our Lady of the Hibiscus, who made all theose flowers bloom in dark, labyrinthine tunnels. And the one about the storm which came and blew everyone away.

It seems that Blanco was something of an expert on the legends. He certainly spends enough of our conversations telling me them. Today I was thinking about the story of ‘Gilded Juancho’. 6. Gilded Juancho.

Exiled from Ek Naab when his wife had a third child, Juancho left the city to seek his fortune and returned via the tunnels. He didn’t make it but his gilded body was found, perfectly preserved, twenty years later.

I mean, what’s that supposed to tell us? That there was some kind of ominous punishment for having a third child? It’s true that there aren’t any third children, in fact there aren’t many families with two kids, from what I can tell.

It’s not easy to live in a confined space. You have to limit almost everything. Even brotherly love. Maybe that’s why I settled in so well – it’s a world of only children.

In a foreign place

// February 9th, 2011 // 87 Comments » // thoughts, videos

Something was bothering me, but I couldn’t think what.

I’d get this vibe. I might be standing in the lane, looking down towards the plaza while market stalls are still being set out. Staring at the flowers that crawl out of balconies, scatter like Christmas decorations over the streets. Or maybe I’d look up towards the blurry sky; the wire mesh ceiling of an underground, ‘invisible’ city.

Ek Naab – the city of ‘dark water’.

I’d watch the people wandering by.  I’ve lived in the city for three months now, so they don’t bother to look twice at me. Instead I finally see their normal, everyday faces. The way they move sluggishly, as if through smoke.

It’s the air. In the city. It doesn’t move.

Finally, I understood.

There’s no weather in Ek Naab. No rain, no wind. I can barely remember what it feels like to close my eyes against a breeze.

Then this morning I woke up with a memory of England. I remembered a cold day in Oxford, a day full of harsh, icy wind. I was playing football in the park with some friends. Tyler, Emmy; they were there. I was in goal, as always. Getting cold, really cold, from the wind.

Not a particularly memorable day. But for some reason it is all I can think about. I can even feel the ache of cold in my ears. Thought I’d forgotten what that felt like, living in a windless city. But no. A flash of memory and there it is again. Amazing.

Why can’t I shake the memory?  It’s an ordinary day of a life I’ve left behind. I miss my friends a bit, just like you’d expect… It really shouldn’t be that big of a deal.