Secret within a secret?

// June 10th, 2011 // thoughts

Well, things have gotten pretty wierd of late.

Ever since the dream I had a bit ago about being back in England, and Emmy being funny with me about Tyler, I’ve felt that something strange is going on.

Anyway, had a bit of a row with Ixchel too. Went to see Lorena, the Chief Scientist. I asked her if there could be something wrong with my brain, because my memory seems to be totally unreliable. At first I thought Emmy was having jokes with me. But now Benicio is at it too. And Lorena. They can’t all be in on it.

Montoyo asked me to go see him so I’m going over there in a bit. Apparently he’s been looking for me all day.

Sorry blog readers, I can’t really think straight enough to write anything more clearly. It’s as though there’s this big secret that everyone is in on – except me. Pretty disconcerting.

I wonder what Montoyo wants?

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