Q&A time from Oxford

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I leave my blog unattended for a year and what happens? QUESTIONS!

Some answers:

JG at Oxford1. Am I real?

YES. Behold a new photo of me from a mad dinner at college in Oxford.

2. From Bayu

i’ve just finished reading the last book (apocalypse moon), i think it’s awesome.

i’m a new fan from indonesia, sorry for my bad english here
btw i want to ask something that i might be missing from the story so far, about arcadio

if arcadio is josh from the future when 2012 apocalypse happened (let’s name it universe #1), and this josh is traveling back in time and he became arcadio which gave young josh clues and then ultimately this josh able to prevent the world from disaster of superwave, then in my understanding this actions will create a parallel world which the apocalpyse never happen (let’s name it universe #2)

but this is where i miss the things.

the question is, which universe is the original universe that supossed to happen before josh (regardless from which universe) use the bracelet for the first time?

 if the answer is josh’s universe #1, it means that josh/arcadio is living in a parallel world, leaving all his original families and loving and memories too (which is sad, i think)

 but if the answer is josh’s universe #2, i don’t really understand how, because when he travel to the future and finds out that the world is suffered from the superwave, first thing is, they failed to prevent it from happening, then he traveled again to the year before 2012 and succeded to activate the moon machine which protect the earth and eventually create a different future which is definitely another parallel world.

and second question is, if universe #2 is the original universe, how can josh arcadio knew that he is the one who put muwan in the cave, i mean, who inspire who, is it josh that inspire arcadio to travel back in time and became arcadio in josh reality, ori is it arcadio that inspire josh to do his adventure, both of this confuse me, maybe i can get some explaination

last, i like how you include lake toba and indonesia in your adventure, i mean who would guess that the machine to protect the world from apocalypse is in my country, hehe. you should travel back to toba lake sometimes

 sorry for the long post, i hope someone would give me some answers

thank you

THANK YOU Bayu for the brilliant first question. One I have pondered myself, definitely.

Yes, Arcadio/Blanco left behind all his family and friends. Yes he is definitely Sad Josh. You don’t know how glad I am that he came over to our parallel universe because otherwise that would have happened to me. It’s strange, we don’t have much connection. Our memories are the same until about 13. Then our lives took very different paths. Well, you know all about it if you read those books.

It certainly explained all those times that Blanco would get a bit sad, especially that first time, when we sat on the bench together. Gawd. That was so long ago, now!

As for your second question, if I understand correctly you are asking me WHO LEFT THE MUWAN IN THE CAVE IN 2012?

YASSS. I have about wondered this too! It wasn’t me – I’d remember. To get your answer, read the post from Blanco Vigores. (You know, the grown-up time-traveler version of my alternative universe self.)

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