One day, much like another

// February 25th, 2011 // thoughts

Once you settle into a routine, it seems to me that you can get used to anything. When Mum caved in to Montoyo’s insistence that we come to live in Ek Naab, I was mainly only thinking about one thing of course…that it would give me a chance to spend more time with Ixchel. But from that very first house-warming party, all she did was make googly eyes at stupid Benicio.

(I don’t really think he’s stupid. Be better if he were.)

So then my life settled in to this routine.  Early morning capoeira exercises beside the underground cenote. A swim outside in the blue cenote. Then breakfast on the go, maybe a muffin and some juice picked up on the way to class. Then school.

I was kind of humiliated when I found out that some of the classes I had to take were with little kids. Well, kids of ten and eleven. Maths, in particular. They must have some pretty great way of teaching or something because I’m learning faster than I remember. We’re doing stuff now that is first year A level. I never thought I could be good at maths. But the only way they are EVER going to let me fly one of those Muwans is if I pass some horrible mechanics exams. So there’s nothing for it but to study.

That dream a few days ago left me with a weird feeling. It hasn’t really gone away. Everything I want from life is so distant. And the main obstacle seems to be getting past 2012…

Thank goodness for my music.  The librarians here have been really helpful. They ordered a load of guitar tab books for me. I’ve learned ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ by Green Day and ‘Plug In Baby’ by Muse. A few other kids want to get guitars too. Maybe I’ll start a band.

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  1. Matilda says:

    You wan’t to fly a Muwan?That’s gonna take some training…

  2. Sonyash says:

    I have wierd dreams too sometimes.
    Very wierd. Like a house of flowers or random people dressed up as bears.
    I never had one about 2012, but I had one about Ek Naab after I read the book.

    • Xyle says:

      Seriously? me too. weirs dreams are like super creepy sometimes. Me? I wake up laughing. this may seem crazy but i have this journal where i write down any dream that i have that i think is significant somehow. it’s kinda like cracking a code. i love doing that. codes are the best. josh garcia’s code cracking is awesome!

  3. Pratchu says:

    Awesome! I love Green Day! You should also listen to My Chemical Romance, The Used, Journey and Disturbed.

  4. Josh says:

    I learned ‘Holiday’ the other day…might video myself doing it sometime. Meanwhile…motorbike lessons! Now you’re talking.

  5. watsoncj06 says:

    have you ever tried riding a honda i hear benico’s is awsome otherwise i’d go with the 125cc one

  6. marius says:

    hello josh, thought you’d lost me. i’m gunna get you. along with ek naab too.

  7. Ellenangel says:

    Hey Josh,
    I love music! I don’t play a Guitar, But I play the oboe and I sing. Do you know anyone who plays the oboe?
    Oh I want to fly a Muwan, It sounds so cool!
    I have weird dreams to. When I read a really good book I sometimes have a dream about it. I had one like this when I read your books!
    I was with you all through the books but you couldn’t hear me or see me. You could only see me when they changed your DNA. I helped you as much as I could through all of them but not enough. and as noone could see me, I couldn’t do much, and towards the end of the 4th book I stopped. When I stopped, I woke up a minuit later. What happened? do you understand it?

    please reply. I am Confused

    • Ellenangel do i know you. i think i used to know you. Anayway your dreams may be premonitions (visions) of the future or an alternate and parallel reality. or a later future? who knows. though i am so serious about the muwan thing like you. i love them and wish i could ride one

    • Ellenangel do i know you. i think i used to know you. Anayway your dreams may be premonitions (visions) of the future or an alternate and parallel reality. or a later future? who knows.

  8. Boo says:

    there is a secret code in the first two books i figured it out

    • Josh says:

      You’re right! So you got the secret message?

      • i saw the message to and by the way josh your awesome and how those it feel to be genetically enginered to touch and literally touch all the Ix Codex’s.
        so wish i could have fun like you except for the kidnapping part.

        • Josh says:

          It’s kind of worrying to be genetically engineered. I don’t really know what else they’ve stuck in there! OTOH, I might wake up one day with super-spidey powers like peter Parker. That would def be a plus.

          • Yo Josh, havent been on your blog for a while, you know with things like school, and studying fo end of year exams. so lucky i’m not doing my GCSEs (that would be scary)
            And Josh dont sweat it with the genetic thing. only time will tell the truth.(heed these wise words.)
            But if you cant bother for time use your bracelet thing to go forward. hopefully you have learnt how to use it.
            By the way are you still worried about the Arcadio thing.Hope you find out the truth abou that dude
            Wish you luck

      • Josh says:

        Josh can you tell me the code pppppppllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee

  9. AlexiatheDivatoeverything says:

    You cant geuss what happened to me this lunchtime at school. these 2 physco year nine girls come up to me in the library and ask if im there friends. i dont know if there sad or making a mickey. so i tell them i dont know who the heck they are but i dont want to be mean so i dont tell to get lost. After a full minute of them staring at me with these weird grins, i crack.
    i mean imagine if a stranger came up to you in the middle of the street and said “im a terroist im going to kill you.”
    it felt weird like that.
    i would rather not tell you the rest of the story but lets just say those girls thoroughly freaked me

  10. Ixchel says:

    hewwo :*

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