Legends of Ek Naab

// May 13th, 2011 // thoughts, videos

OK I’m back to blogging. Although – I did record a new song that I’ve been practicing! (see the video box)

This is a place of many legends. I found a second-hand book – ‘Legends of Ek Naab’ in the marketplace the other day, printed about fifty years ago. You’ll never guess who it was by…Blanco Vigores! The name wasn’t on the front cover, but I found it inside.

Some of the legends, I already knew. Like the story of Chan and Albita, the teenagers who were crazy in love and then died together, lost in the Depths. :( Chan and Albita had gone searching for a poetry-obsessed kid, Kan’ek who went off by himself, all depressed because his girl wouldn’t marry him. When he came back he wasn’t interested in poetry any longer but he smelled of gardenias and it drove all the girls wild.

Then there’s the story of the miracle of Our Lady of the Hibiscus, who made all theose flowers bloom in dark, labyrinthine tunnels. And the one about the storm which came and blew everyone away.

It seems that Blanco was something of an expert on the legends. He certainly spends enough of our conversations telling me them. Today I was thinking about the story of ‘Gilded Juancho’. 6. Gilded Juancho.

Exiled from Ek Naab when his wife had a third child, Juancho left the city to seek his fortune and returned via the tunnels. He didn’t make it but his gilded body was found, perfectly preserved, twenty years later.

I mean, what’s that supposed to tell us? That there was some kind of ominous punishment for having a third child? It’s true that there aren’t any third children, in fact there aren’t many families with two kids, from what I can tell.

It’s not easy to live in a confined space. You have to limit almost everything. Even brotherly love. Maybe that’s why I settled in so well – it’s a world of only children.

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  1. benjy says:

    do you think blanco went to the sect of huracan willingly or was forced?

  2. Josh says:

    I dunno. I’m really worried. (Y_Y)

  3. benjy says:

    if martienu got killed shouldn’t there be a timeline with no sect?

  4. Josh says:

    How do you know about this?!! I only just got back!
    It’s an interesting question. Martineau existed in my timeline until he started time-travelling. And he happened to die in the past, but he was still around until – well, whenever he got hold of a time -travel bracelet. I’m guessing that was from Blanco, but I don’t really know.

    So since he existed in our timeline until a few weeks ago, then that explains his work with the Sect.

    But the Sect has been going for a long time. Montoyo told me that it existed for ages as a death cult within Ek Naab, and they left the city.

    What makes me kind of happy is to think of the Sect now, wondering what happened to Martineau. He’d have just disappeared, blinked away into a time vortex and never returned.

    Serves him right.

  5. kai says:

    h josh, u and ixchel gettin on? haha glad what happened to Martinau!! lmaoo! anyways, ran in to anyone else yet, time travelled again? please keep me informed!

  6. Josh says:

    Some BIG STUFF has happened since my last blog entry. Like HUGE! Don’t have time to go into detail.
    But I think I am finally getting somewhere with Ixchel. :) :) I’m not one to kiss and tell, though.

  7. Ellenangel says:

    Josh, what sort of big stuff happened? please tell us! just a little bit.

    how is your mum getting on?how is Ixchel? and how are YOU getting on??

  8. Josh says:

    Well it’s weird because it seems like kai and benjy have some idea about what’s been going on since my last blog entry (secret within a secret).
    Basically I DID time travel and it was fully strange and crazy and there are people messing around with the timeline in the past of Ek Naab, I say people but actually I mean Martineau.
    Anyway, Martineau is dead, as in, he was killed somewhere in the past. So now the Sect won’t have any idea where he is or what happened to him. He will simply have blinked out of existence!
    And there’s more but I just don’t have the energy to tell. Martineau died in the past and that put us into a slightly different timeline, but everything is pretty much the same as I remember before Martineau changed the past by stealing the Ix Codex.
    So time can be changed! And major stuff can happen – like a whole other timeline where you don’t exist!
    Believe me I am STILL getting my head around that.
    On a personal front, all good, all VERY GOOD. :) :)
    I got with Ixchel. :) It was all romantic, like out of some kind of movie, we were on a beach in Mexico, and the sunset and playing the guitar and stuff…
    One day I will write all this down and send it back in time and you can all read about it. For now I have to STUDY!
    The maths homework I get nowadays IT IS NOT EVEN FUNNY.
    All this to learn to fly a Muwan…

  9. Ellenangel says:

    surely it is worth all the maths homework to fly a muwan! I would do tons of maths to get to fly one.
    It is great you got with Ixchel! Good for you!
    It sounds cool you sending stuff back in time.
    Did you find it scary, going back in time not knowing anyone? I would be scared.

    • Josh says:

      It was MENTALLY scary. I still have nightmares about Rain Son. The way he looked at me, I could tell he wanted to slice me up and break my bones. The parallel world though, after the nuclear war, was very, very strange. I try not to think about how happy I was there. It makes me feel horrible and selfish to admit it, but there was something dreamlike and peaceful about it. But it felt all wrong, too. Not sure I’m explaining it v well. I wonder if you know what I mean?

  10. mayanwolf says:

    hey whats with Benicio pulled a gun on me? i want to know more! ive been left just loathing Benicio and wondering how the- how on earth you got to writing that as a blog, my only sign that you live – i mean you ended up hanging from the very Muwan you’d just been flying!

  11. Josh says:

    OK, you know what? I think I’m definitely going to write a book about my life and bring it back into the past one day. It’s the only way to explain how you all know so much about me.
    Hanging from a Muwan??? Benicio pulled a gun on me? This is news to me!

  12. Rajan says:

    Hi Josh! How is life in Ek Naab? Is your mum well? And Ixchell . . . It’s great that you can fly a muwan. What’s it like to fly it?

  13. Josh says:

    Hi Rajan. Life is full of maths! Maths and the theory of flying. And memorizing Muwan control panels so that I can fly blindfolded. I’m not joking. Benicio actually put a blindfold on me the other day and made me do a take off. I nearly melted, I was sweating so much.
    My mum is good, thanks for asking. She has started being a bit more sociable. Tonight she’s going to her first dinner party (with Montoyo, of course.)

  14. ProjectShockzz says:

    Benicio pulled a gun?? on you??

    • Zewl says:

      I know right? Maybe the sect got to him when the whole Ixchell/Josh thing happened! Or.. Maybe it could be the hypnosis drug making him do it? Also, I wanted to say, if the bracelet is also good for teleportation, couldn’t the sect just warp into Ek Naab whenever? Just a heads up on that one, because I think it could be a real risk.

      • Josh says:

        They certainly could except for two things: I’m pretty sure that Martineau had the only other bracelet. And now, Bosch has that one – he took it when Martineau died.
        And the other reason is that I don’t think they know the exact location of Ek Naab. You’d need the coordinates.
        I’ve been wondering about that other bracelet, the one Bosch has. He promised to leave it for me. I think about him from time to time. If we went to the late twentieth century, it’s just possible (just) that he’s still alive…

  15. suki says:

    why is myyoung wippersnapper eating cookies again even though l it told not too. do we have a library in summertown because if we do i haven’t found it yet oh and whats the date the worlds gonna get wiped again? december 2?th

  16. suki says:

    barley = barely

  17. suki says:

    so r u origianlly mexian or oxfordshiren because i’m very confused with that in your booky thing it doesn’t make it very obvious.

  18. Josh says:

    Dad was Mexican, I was born in Oxford. Yes there is a library in Summertown, at least there was when I lived there (which was less than a year ago so…) On South Parade…

  19. Josh says:

    Well I like it better now that I’ve finally managed to prise a certain girl away from my cousin :) ;) Also – soon gonna start my flying lessons…woooooohoooooo
    I have to pass some maths exams first though, so better get back to these five fiendish mechanics problems that I’ve been set.
    *hurty head*

  20. Umaira says:

    Hey josh! Your life seems pretty cool! It’s amazing how you’ve Beaten up loads of people, gone back in time, and been so brave! But would you rather have this exciting and amazing life over the one you had in Oxford? :) x

  21. Josh says:

    To have a choice would be nice! Nah, just kidding. I’m cool with it now. You can used to a lot of different things. I’ve met some amazing people, seen some incredible things. Wouldn’t swap that for anything.

    • This is an awesome website and your life is crazy wicked Josh. though i wouldnt swap my life for yours (no offence). I saw you shredding on your guitar and singing holliday on your clip. your okay. I do music as well. im in a band called Eclipse (still debating the name) we jam and sing and right our own songs and everything and were trying to get ourselves noticed on the BBC. Cool right.

  22. Dude I watched your practice on Holiday by green day and i was pshyched there were some bits scratchy but you hit the right tabs my mates and i have formed a band called Epic (were still having fights about the name) and we have totally mastered that song. Main guitarist Piender has the same guitar as you and trust me many more, Green our drummer was mad over it – Kemp pianst made up his own input and Charlie arogant bass player pouring literal sweat onto it. i’m a singer i do other stuff but this is my main part (loving it) we also write our own songs our one favourite “Running in hell “. next week having a Bandslam sort of concert hoping to get noticed by BBC, wish us luck. And if you ever need advice on music just blog. p.s love the books, am i morbid to be excited by tragedy if 2012 happens, oh and have you actualy figured out if you are Arcadio also can you please youtube some of your own caperio moves ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reply please.

  23. woah it’s me agian writing because of the lack of exitement in this world. hey did i tell you i was 13 (a girl) and i’m practicing to be an animator. what the key is, is getting the right programme (it is expensive) i have bought the simple version of the computer system that made the animation of Assasins Creeds Revelation, because of the pure agility and fast pace action in the proggramme not to mention the graphics. all it takes is a little coding and design, a real life idea on character pics and video on real life surroundings to turn to animation and wallah you have a scene, the real problem is recording vioces into it , i usaully do my own than alter it but it takes ages. anyway this is the most boring Saturday all my mates grounded for what we did last week (can’t tell you, let’s just say i don’t regret it),okay i’ll tell you we acted like we were drunk when we were perfectly sane made a riot at the train station got into a couple of scruffs no worry and don’t think i’m bad, i’m a straight ‘A’ student we all have messy times boy who lied to his mother to find out more than he bagained for. how are you and Ixchel and do you know about the bases and if you do what level are you at………….. im just kidding (am i !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha i make myself laugh. )

    • Hey Everyone what Aurora Goddess of dawn neglected to add is that i am part of the band too, i am a singer also the identical twin sister to the girl who just neglected to add me to the conversation (that is Aurora if you have’nt figured out yet). While my sister plots to be in the film industry i am targeting to be a genetic scientist and inventor. I dont want to be morbid or anything but there have been some blackouts in my area do you think the EMP superwave is coming faster than the mayans predicted.

  24. Josh says:

    Hello Aurora and Alexia, wow – TWO rock stars in one family, pretty cool. There’s a shortage of guitarists in Ek Naab. Basically it’s just me, but I’m working on persuading some others to join me. I reckon if the world doesn’t end at the end of this year (and that IS the plan, that we stop the superwave!!!), then we’ll have one heck of a party and I’ll play some tunes. Holiday, maybe, as you’ve seen. Maybe something else too.
    Animation software _ I’ve never tried that. Not very good at drawing! What software are you talking about Aurora? If you can make stuff like Assassins Creed it must be good.
    Grounded – don’t I know all about that. I am basically grounded in Ek Naab, just for travelling in time, not that I even meant to do it!!!
    What I’d give just for a chance to go to the nearest town and just hang out at the beach! Or the lake at Bacalar. I WISH.

  25. Thankyou for asking….. Check out “Ubisoft” thier the company that designed, created and produced the Assasin Creed Revalation programme which i bought directly from them, again expensive. At the momment i’m trying to make this horror fictional book called Scared to death by Allan Gibbons (check it out) into a real animation. i would make your book into one except for the fact that it’s set in mostly Mexico and Oxford which is hard too get video and shots from (especially in Ek Naab) scared to death is set in east london so easy access. Our bandslam concert to get noticed by the BBC has been set back til March but at least it means more practice “right”, my mates were being funny they think thier right jokers. We had been recording all day at the studio at our schooll my voice was scratchy and there was this bottlle of water in the corner i did’nt know who it was for but i was suddenly craving it my best freind and band pianist Kemp saw me eyeing it and he said it was his and told me i could skyve it as you can tell i drink most of his drinks and steal his food and we all have a good laugh. So what did i do, i skyved- there was this horrible taste to it, i spat it out and Kemp burst out laughing. Then he told me it was’nt his and that it has been there for days, all the band mates start laughing including Alexia. i’m not any wimp so i grab Kemp and knuckle him on the head he drops to the ground pretends he’s in pain i get concerened then he chases me around and agian we have a good laugh so how’s your relationship with Tyler being long distance friends and all when i moved house i lost track with my freind Tobi and now i’ve lost his number. etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. My god watching TV and saw the new programmmed video game for Resident Evil have you seen the movie. Anyway you do relise i am chatting to you from England, esssex born in London but have lived here for the last two years, Dude are you in Mexico right now and if you are awesome p.s.s tell me about the movies they broadcast there.

  27. Aai Marsh says:

    Hey Aurora! Mind showing a display over here?

  28. Josh says:

    Aurora – Tyler and I do a fair bit of chat and Skype. He’s busy now though, with mock GCSE exams and everything. Still has no girlfriend, from what I can tell…
    I don’t play video games any more, not since I get to fly an actual Muwan! Actually I do quite a lot of flight simulator, which I suppose is a kind of game. My favourite game used to be Zelda. The last one I played was Twilight Princess.
    You sound like you have a lot of fun with your mates. My life is NOT like that, and I wish it were. Never mind. Just another few months to go until we save the world and then hopefully I’ll get my life back.
    You can get satellite TV in Mexico just like anywhere, so you can watch pretty much any movies. However, I tend to watch stuff via the Internet. The last film I really liked was Inception. Cannot wait for Dark Knight Rises!

  29. Aparajita says:

    Just wanted to ask-
    Is Ice Shock available in India?

  30. Vincent says:

    Hey Josh,
    Does the book of crazy Benicio really excist?

  31. Vincent says:

    Do you really excist or it os just the computer who answers for you?

    • Josh Garcia says:

      Real, man, real! If you prick me do I not bleed! I still have my gunshot wound scar from when Madison shot me and Susannah St John patched me up!

  32. Adit says:

    Hey josh, big fan \(^_^)/
    is that really you in the video?
    and hey if you’re really real can you give a photo about itzamna bracelet? just wondering :p

  33. topshopgirl says:

    Do you remember me Josh Garcia?? I am topshopgirl :) While reading the ice shock I have thought that Susannah was a NRO agent. Other way how can Simon Madison know where were you?? But after I read that in the cave they put a microchip in your bag. This is a bit crafty :D :D :D write back soon…

    :D :D :D

    • joshg says:

      Hello, only just seen this post. Yep, they microchipped me. :P
      Wow. That all seems such a long time ago now!
      My life has returned to normal. I like it a lot better. But I do sort of keep wondering if I’ll ever time travel again/

  34. Bogachan Boran says:

    Can you write the entry of Ek Naab?

  35. Bakab Ix helpers says:

    We are coming to Ek Naab

  36. Bakab Ix helpers says:

    We are making research but we need more information

  37. Bakab Ix helpers says:

    Someone can use Josh’s account we need to be careful

  38. manina says:

    are you sure you are a men

  39. Ashleigh says:

    Keep us in the loop josh. Especially for my needs. Tryna get ideas for your movie. Tell us more please. This site should last until you die. Jokes.

    • joshg says:

      I’m at Uni! The workload is mental! But yeh I should update sometime. I’ll try to fit something in. Hope you are all well.

  40. Bogachan Boran says:

    Please say something to me!

  41. joshg says:

    Hey man, what’s going on? Thanks for still looking at my blog. My life is so ordinary right now that i don’t keep a blog. Well I’m loving it, don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing unusual about my life now. Just studying, friends, music and parties when i can find time!
    Finally I get to be normal!

  42. Ashleigh says:

    Dude!! You should totally get instagram. That way you can keep us in the loop. It’ll be totally awesome! Tell us when you do get it. :)

  43. Matt says:

    Is this based on the ‘ Joshua files ‘ series

    • Josh Garcia says:

      You mean my original blog? Or those books that that author wrote (how she got all my private info I will never know…I’m assuming time travel had something to do with it. Maybe I write it all up in the future?)

  44. nomis says:

    I’m from Germany and now staying in Oxford right now with my family for some days. Today, I was in Jericho at the St Sepulchre’s Cemetery where Josh and Tyler chased after Madison. Are there other cool “Joshua-Places” here in Oxford?

    • Josh Garcia says:

      Hello – sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner! I’ve been in the USA over summer and just wasn’t in my blog-head AT ALL. St Sepulchre’s is great, but there’s also Godstow, where the ruined nunnery is and where I fought Simon Madison (and broke his wrist – HA!). And that freezing, freezing river. Also – Wytham Woods, where I landed when I jumped into the future. hey I actually was in 2014 – but the horrible parallel reality where the superwave DID blast through the planet. *shudder*

  45. Kal garcia says:

    You are Cool but just….i am happy that you back to normal life

  46. Bogachan Boran says:

    You have said that know ı am normal but is there anything that you can tell me about Ek Naab.
    And ı want to ask that which class are you in?
    (Like grade.)

    • Josh Garcia says:

      I’m in the second year of university, in Oxford, studying physics. I spent summer in an exchange program at MIT and spent some time travelling around the USA – mostly up in Maine.

  47. Bogachan Boran says:

    How is Ixchel?

  48. Bogachan Boran says:

    Ok. Just tell me.

    • Josh Garcia says:

      Well look – it was like this. We were both over in the USA over summer, doing some exchange courses. A very different environment for both of us. We were hanging around with totally different crowds. To put it bluntly, Ixchel started to have doubts about me. I can’t really pretend to understand exactly what is going on. Maybe it’s just as simple as this – she’s met someone else. Or at least, she’s met enough blokes now who aren’t me or Benicio. And she’s curious. I won’t pretend this hasn’t been painful for me. I sort of sloped off on my own, actually, after one particularly shit day. I went off on my motorbike, on a road trip, up to the Appalachians. On the way back I hung around in a weird town I found. I don’t really want to talk about it because it was all so odd that I’m not at all sure I didn’t dream the whole thing. Let’s just say that i met a girl there, and – NOTHING HAPPENED – but for the first time I began to wonder if Ixchel isn’t right. I mean, we met when I was 14. Do I believe that we’re an OTP? Maybe. Maybe not. Look mate, I’m just 18. My girlfriend of the last four years may have dumped me. But she’s still talking to me, sending texts every day and sucklike. You tell me. I’m confused. I say we’re on a break but, you know? You say tomato and I say tomahto.

  49. Boğaçhan Boran says:

    Sorry to her that. But ı want to ask something. Where can ı find you.(meet in real) I am only 13. 5 years smaller than you. Is there another adventure in your life plase tell me.

  50. saafafaıjlfajl says:

    who are you man my girl you ill eat yarrak.

  51. MAFİA II says:

    I will kill you then ı will breake you to half you dont anser mw hy why ı loed you know i hate you hate ek naab.

    • Josh Garcia says:

      Errr…all right, mate. Sorry! I hardly have time to breathe let alone blog! But I am STILL ALIVE. And the Sect of Huracan is just a distant memory. Although. I wonder, don’t you? Like they’d just go away?

  52. Matthew says:

    Pleaseeeeeee start blogging again :)

  53. it's blossom says:

    Hello, Josh (r u even real bcs idk). maybe it sounds quite weird for you but I wanna ask you, is Joshua Garcia real because i’m getting obsessed to him reading his adventure, his attempt to find Dad or maybe fix up the Itzamna bracelet so you could be that time traveler. And if you are the real one, mind to show your self by posting a picture of you with Ixchel, Benicio, Montoyo and of course Eleanor, your mom? Please! Would be so happy to see that

  54. Dogbrains says:


    Could I ask whether you can actually get into Capoeira in Oxford?
    It sounds interesting and, since I live there, i was kind of wondering. Thanks bro.

  55. Boğaçhan Boran says:

    Where are you?

  56. Mandy says:

    Hey josh
    Hows Ixchel?what about ur mum?
    I m big fan of urs.
    Is ur relationship with Ixchel ok?hope tht all would be fine

    • Josh Garcia says:

      It is now! We had a major blip about a year and a half ago. I was in Maine for the summer, after an exchange visit to MIT. Technically we broke up. She met someone, I had a strange THING with a girl in a VERY strange town.It’s a good job that M.G. Harris woman never found out about it because knowing her she’d have used it to write another book about me. GAH!

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