In a foreign place

// February 9th, 2011 // thoughts, videos

Something was bothering me, but I couldn’t think what.

I’d get this vibe. I might be standing in the lane, looking down towards the plaza while market stalls are still being set out. Staring at the flowers that crawl out of balconies, scatter like Christmas decorations over the streets. Or maybe I’d look up towards the blurry sky; the wire mesh ceiling of an underground, ‘invisible’ city.

Ek Naab – the city of ‘dark water’.

I’d watch the people wandering by.  I’ve lived in the city for three months now, so they don’t bother to look twice at me. Instead I finally see their normal, everyday faces. The way they move sluggishly, as if through smoke.

It’s the air. In the city. It doesn’t move.

Finally, I understood.

There’s no weather in Ek Naab. No rain, no wind. I can barely remember what it feels like to close my eyes against a breeze.

Then this morning I woke up with a memory of England. I remembered a cold day in Oxford, a day full of harsh, icy wind. I was playing football in the park with some friends. Tyler, Emmy; they were there. I was in goal, as always. Getting cold, really cold, from the wind.

Not a particularly memorable day. But for some reason it is all I can think about. I can even feel the ache of cold in my ears. Thought I’d forgotten what that felt like, living in a windless city. But no. A flash of memory and there it is again. Amazing.

Why can’t I shake the memory?  It’s an ordinary day of a life I’ve left behind. I miss my friends a bit, just like you’d expect… It really shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

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  1. Saint_Emmy says:

    Yo, Joshy, JOSH? What’s this, what’s this? Thought you said you were going to close your blog down. After the whole shenanigans with the postcards from Mexico and all. What about all your sekrits, huh? What a drama queen. Sometimes you know, I think that if I hadn’t seen you all beat up that morning on Port Meadow, I wouldn’t have believed anything you told me.

  2. Josh says:

    Hey! I didn’t expect to see any comments here, Emmy, if you really are Emmy that is, and not someone, oh I don’t know, from the Sect, or the National Reconnaissance Office spying on me. AGAIN.

    • bluenissian says:

      josh r u really a bakab ix

    • Ellenangel says:

      Oh wow! Hi Josh, Ixchel and the rest. It is so Cool to talk to you! I think You are all Great. Apart from Simon and all that lot. Why don’t they just leave you alone Josh?! I think you are all brillant and brave. Somtimes I wish that I could live like pepole like you but then if I put myself in your position I get a bit unsure. How can you cope with evreything Josh? You are also brill at working things out, like codes. Kepp at it!!!

      please reply you lot, It is so cool to be able to talk to you.

      • Josh says:

        Hi Ellen. I don’t think that Benicio and Ixchel are really reading this blog. They both know I have the blog, but they also know that it is private! To be honest I would let Ixchel read it if she really asked, but ehhhh…it’s also nice to be able to vent without thinking she’ll read it, know what I mean?
        How can I cope with everything??? Not AT ALL sure that I do!

        • Ellenangel says:

          I understand what you mean. I think you cope very well and you have my support in everything!!!what do you do ijn your spare time? do you HAVE any spare time?

        • Ellenangel says:

          I understand what you mean. I think you cope very well and you have my support in everything!!!what do you do ijn your spare time? do you HAVE any spare time?

        • Ellenangel says:

          hu? what happened there??? my computer went funny and submited my mesage twice. sorry Josh.

  3. Toby LaRone says:

    Hey Josh!!!!! I never knew you played the guitar! You’re amazing!!

  4. Jonno says:

    Hey, it’s me, from HABBO. Remember?
    Impressive guitar :D

  5. Saint_Emmy says:

    National Reconnaissance Office?!! Just for fun, I looked them up. You’re either mental or you think I’m Miss Gullible if you think I believe the NRO ever spied on you.
    There’s my good ol’ paranoid Josh. Course it’s really Emmy. This isn’t like that time with Mikey’s sister turning out to be your blog stalker, TopShopPrincess, and not that girl you fancied, what was her name, Ollie?

    I was in the mood to read your blog and it turns out my password still works. You’re the one said you were gonna close it down, don’t get weird with me.
    I wish you were still in Oxford. I miss you. (There I’ve said it.) School is such a nightmare now you have no idea. Coursework, exams, gah. It never ends. Then I get to thinking of you swanning around in Mexico, in some fancy international school going to the beach at weekends.
    You’ve been thinking about me too. Dreaming about me even!
    So why don’t you write, hey? It’s possible to be friends with someone on the other side of the world now, didn’t you know?
    I’m still mad at you for just going off to Mexico by the way, and no farewell party or anything.
    Ohhhh, Josh. It’s been a long time since we played footy in the park. Those days, they’re gone.

  6. Josh says:

    This is pretty strange, Emmy. I know for a fact I didn’t tell you about this blog. And you didn’t see me all beat up on Port Meadow. Did you? Unless my memory is playing tricks.
    I’m gonna take a little while to think this over. Don’t get mad if I don’t respond for a bit.

  7. Josh says:

    Toby and Jonno – thx re guitar! Only been learning for 3 months. But it’s great to have something new to do.

  8. Saint_Emmy says:

    Josh, whatever, dude. You sound a bit out of it. Btw you’re not the only one whose memory is getting dodgy. I don’t remember any Tyler playing footy with us. Do you mean Tyler Marks from your capoeira?

  9. Matilda says:

    Hey! I’ve never been to Oxford… Wht is it like?

  10. Josh says:

    It’s pretty good, Matilda. Apart from the thousands of students! Nah – they’re okay. I guess they’re why my parents were in Oxford in the first place. Now that I’m away, I really miss it.

  11. Maddie says:

    What does Ek Naab look like? I’m thinking mystical city, with a lot of ancient walls and stones with carvings and inscriptions.

  12. Sonyash says:

    I really want to go to Mexico now. After I read about Ek Naab.
    It’s amazing! All underground.
    Isn’t it?

  13. Simon Madison says:

    Hello Josh!
    You’re right. It’s me. I have access to your blog now. Wahahahaha!

  14. Ixchel says:

    Hi Josh!
    It’s me Ixchel.
    How are you doing? I’m afraid Madison read everything you wrote. Better close this blog again.
    I’m alright. Nothing surprising so far.

  15. Josh says:

    Gawd. Simon you’re such a creep. But that email address of yours looks pretty dodgy to me. I reckon someone is having jokes on me…

    Ixchel! Jeez. I didn’t expect you to read this. Look away, look away…

  16. Olivia says:

    Yeh. Ek Naab sounds like a pretty amazing place but living in an underwater city must hard.
    I’d hate to always be cramped up in one space and not be able to just get out and do what you want…
    But capoeira sounds great and i think it would be really fun to do. Hey, Josh, how did you get interested in it?!

  17. Clarissa says:

    gosh!are you guys real?I mean..I just read y’all from THE JOSHUA FILES..
    and now I see you all talking..
    is that book based on a true story?
    or email me..

  18. suki says:

    i think josh is really good at the guitar especially for only 3 months my sisters been playing it for years and shes barley that good and she can’t sing along as well as play. this site is really cool also.

  19. Josh says:

    Thanks! It’s been longer than that now – I made the other vid a bit longer ago. I practice quite a bit. :P

  20. Clarissa says:

    man,okay..gotta watch it..

    kind of weirdo bro..are you fake?

  21. demo1996 says:

    Hey JOSH. You are the best ,man.

  22. sarah1423 says:

    hi lxchel i love your name by the why it french right

  23. Josh says:


  24. Josh says:

    Same Josh as above^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Hi Josh r u real just wondering if this was a fake blog
    sorry if it isn’t.
    PS email me :)

    • Josh says:

      PS my dad died in afghan :( :( I get bullied in school the teachers don’t care I get bullied cuz they hate me and I’m 11 :( :(

  25. Josh says:

    Me again ^^^
    Hi again Josh
    Just wondering if you, Benicio or Ixchel had an e-mail if so E-MAIL ME !!!!!! :)

  26. Josh says:

    Me again :)
    Just seen your photo stream and wondered why there are no pictures of Benicio or Ixchel :)

  27. Josh (Garcia) says:

    Already asked them, but they’re camera shy. At least Ixchel is. I can ask Benicio I guess. The Sect already know what Ixchel looks like but I’m not 100% they know what B looks like. If so then maybe I should be careful.

    I’m sorry I can’t start emailing people! I did that a couple of years back when my godfather daughter (Gabi Beltran) was in trouble and some people found her blog and started emailing us both. It took over my time a bit, and sometimes people got vexed when I didn’t reply.

    So I’ll answer comments on this blog but sorry, no email.

    And as for – am I real?

    What do YOU think?!

  28. Josh says:

    I Am Da Dif Josh
    Sorry peeps I have mental health issues :(
    That’s why I said quack, and with the mental health issues come a short attention span so

  29. Josh says:

    PS my dad died in afghan :( :( I get bullied in school and the teachers don’t care cuz they hate me and I’m 11 :( :(

    • AlexiatheDivatoeverything says:

      Man josh if people are getting in your space then tell them to get the hell out of it. the ony reason peope buly other people is because their insecure . i know that’s probably a line you have heard millions of times but i speak from experience. i mean my friend Lewis was getting on everybodys nerves, he even started bullying my mte connor. connor split and started cussing him and his family like crazy. Only until he started crying did we find out that he was being mean because his dad died of cancer a week ago and he needed someone to take the pain out on. now were all friends. so if peope are bullying you josh just ignore them or give them a peice of your mind if you can take them. Because their only doing it because they want something off their chest and your the only candidate. so dont give them the light of day.
      From the Amazing Alexia

      • AlexiatheDivatoeverything says:

        P.s dont want to sound ike a complete evi witch but everybody dies. i dont have a dead close reative that i know about but dont let the it bring you down. from the words of jack black school of rock,
        Defy the man

  30. Josh (Garcia) says:

    Sheesh Josh – sounds bad. Don’t let ‘em get you down! Maybe talk to your mother about what’s happening at school? They have to pay attention to reports of bullying.

    • AlexiatheDivatoeverything says:

      oh i am so confused man are you the original josh the blog owner or the new josh who aso began chatting on this blog.
      Don’t judge me, im a 13 year old who is a little bit confused.

    • hi josh big fan only just found this website my fave book is dark parrell

      • Josh Garcia says:

        Hello bobby, thanks for looking at my rather neglected blog… Life is busy and about to change for me. Off to Uni in a month. :) will do a proper post about it when I get a free run at the computer. Ixchel and I are hiking in Yosemite right now.

  31. Josh says:

    KK Will do :)
    PS How’s Ixchel

  32. Bearmann says:

    Hi Josh (Garcia)
    (this is not a reply! I didn’t know how to plain old respond!)This is my first time commenting in this blog ( I’m still pretty new to the blog) but I have to ask, are there animals in Ek naab?
    The only book that I have of you is Dark Parellel and I’m only a quarter way through! Please don’t laugh at me if you explained there were animals in the book!

    • Josh says:

      Hello Bearmann, yes there are animals! Cockroaches and spiders and lizards – big ones. Some people keep cats as pets to eat the spiders and to chase away the lizards. There were two little lizards in our apartment last night and they kept scampering across the walls. I’m not too bothered by stuff like that. In the outside part of Ek Naab there are dogs and even horses. I haven’t ever talked about this, it’s true. I guess that’s because we don’t have a pet, and I don’t get out to the plantations very much, which is where the horses are. It wouldn’t be Mexico without horses, dogs, spiders and lizards!

  33. Bearmann says:

    Hi Josh!
    Thanks for replying to my to my comment! By the way, have you ever wanted a pet? In our home we have 2 cats! our old cat , Tom , died last year in August so my sister and I got new ones! My cat is called Jake and my sisters is Alex! they are now about 7 months old. So… Have you ever wanted a pet?

    • Josh Garcia says:

      I wanted a dog when I was little. Didn’t get one though!

      • Alexia diva to everything and gods gift to men says:

        Josh why do you reply to everyone except me. i know i ‘type’ a lot, but man not replying is like driving past me on the motorway and skidding water all over me. stone cold man.
        And that goes for everyone else who forgets to reply

        • Josh Garcia says:

          Hey Alexia, I only JUST saw this comment (new comments on old posts got swamped on the recent comments list by comments on newer posts). And I wasn’t sure which post you meant I should reply to. I read your long post addressed to the Josh who commented about his dad who died in Afghanistan and being bullied. Did you maybe think that was me? (my dad died on the slope of Mount Orizaba). Sorry I didn’t reply I thought it was addressed to him… :( you’re probably not reading this blog any more. Hope you’re well and that your band is going well. Josh (Garcia) x

  34. Bearmann says:

    Hi again!
    Im going to school soon and im at a private school in South Africa so we usually wear uniform ( really smart uniform) but today we get to wear civies becuase its World Book Day at school and across the globe! Scince you are such an awesome guy and you are in a book Im going as you to school today! Dont worry! I wont tell them about the blog and all! If they want to know then they should get the books I’ll tell them!
    Thanks for having such an AWESOME blog and for being such a nice guy!

  35. Bearmann says:

    I forgot to tell you that world book day is when you dress up as your favourite character in a book!

  36. Bearmann says:

    My sister wanted to get a puppy even though we already had cats! Even if we didnt have cats she still wouldnt get one because she loves puppys but is really scared of grown up dogs! My mum wanted to get a dog so that we could scare the monkey problem we have (those monkeys can steal you blind!) Untill she found out that my cat ,Jake , is made a lots of heart and chases the monkeys away! One day mt cat chased about 5 monkeys into the garage! All you could hear were loud screams from the monkeys! So Im Fine with our cats. By the way… You must go on to youtube and search up the voca people! They are really awesome!

    • Alexia diva to everything and gods gift to men says:

      Man where the heck are you writing from, you have monkeys, I’ve always wanted monkeys that is awesome. Don’t chase them away, they are so cute.

  37. *skippy* says:

    ixchel wat do you think of Ek Naab :)

  38. Josh Garcia says:

    I’ll ask Ixchel if she feels like leaving the comment. “The answer is prbly ‘No, I don’t do the internets thing’)

    • Alexia diva to everything and gods gift to men says:

      Yeah but your a guy Josh, and that coud be what her answer is, but woman never do the normal things. Were spontaneous. Advice from another female

  39. anubiszuko says:

    yo josh just thinkin’ what do ixchel looks like? i’m curious

    • Josh Garcia says:

      One of these days I’ll persuade her to let me post a picture here!
      Growing up in Ek Naab has made her a bit iffy about the outside world’s love of putting everything on facebook etc…

  40. Orizabacodex says:

    Hi josh I am halfway through your last book, Apocalypse Moon and its getting really intense!! You have just left Ixchel behind in June 2012 and are now in June 2014! Your mum, Eleanor is just about to shoot you and Tyler, but she sees it’s you!

  41. Daniel Molnar says:

    I absolutly loved all the books but I still dont get how blanco is arcadio.can you go in to further detail?

    • Josh Garcia says:

      Hmmm, well by now I’ve had a lot of time to think about this and to discuss it with Blanco himself. But I think I’ll still email him and ask him to reply to you himself! I’m at Uni now…

    • Blanco Vigores says:

      Well, well. It’s been a very long time since I commented on a website. But since it’s for Josh…

      Daniel, like you, I was a boy in the UK. I lived in Oxford with my parents, Eleanor and Andres. They had a little girl named Sofia when I was thirteen years old. Time passed, I grew up, then came 2012.

      My father knew something bad was going to happen. He’d found clues about a fifth codex of the Maya – the Ix Codex. He didn’t know where to find it exactly, but he had some ideas of where to start. And he knew it was about 2012.

      He spent all the savings and borrowed money to buy a second home in the Lake District. When the 2012 Apocalypse hit our world, he and my family moved there.

      I didn’t. I refused to believe anything bad was going to happen. I stayed in Oxford and – to cut a long story short – I was recruited by the Sect for genetic manipulation with jlf. My eyes turned blue, I became responsive to hypnoticin. I could use it to influence people.

      Then I met the Josh Garcia who writes this blog.

      He helped me to escape the Sect’s influence. I went to the Lake District and was reunited with my family. And slowly I began to understand the role I was to play in the universe that you and I and Josh now inhabit – a reality that did NOT suffer the destruction of the superwave.

      In my twenties, I traveled a great deal, with the help of the Muwan that Josh left for us. I eventually found the Bracelet of Itzamna. It wasn’t something that I could have done if I hadn’t had ABSOLUTE faith that I would find it.

      How did I have such faith? Because of the Muwan!

      Josh himself couldn’t have left that Muwan in the cave for himself to find, because he’d travelled to the cave in THIS parallel reality.

      So who left the Muwan for him?

      It had to be me. I must have gone back in time and to Ek Naab, and taken a Muwan that I then left for Josh to use.

      I would travel in time. Which meant that I WOULD find the Bracelet of Itzamna.

      Oh but it took me so many years! Fruitless years of searching! Because in my reality, Bosch never met a young Josh Garcia. I had to track it down to Izapa, where for many years I dug.

      And then I found it. Unlike with the Bracelet in your reality, the Crystal wasn’t completely burned out. With the help of the liquid key, which I synthesized at an abandoned biotechnology institute in Temixco, Mexico, I was able to repair the Bracelet.

      n my own reality, I had searched for and translated the Ix Codex. In fact I studied that Bracelet for many years, and have become something of an expert!

      I learned a secret that Josh has not yet learned – how to control the crossover to another reality. This is the true power of the Bracelet. It is a means of travel between realities, not merely of travel through time.

      I travelled to Ek Naab, back in 2014. They recognised me as the rightful owner of the Erinsi time-jump device and translator of the Ix Codex. They gave me a Muwan which I promised to leave for ‘your’ Josh.

      And having completed my duties, or so I believed, I crossed over.

      Aged thirty-four years old, I escaped my fallen universe and leapt across the fabric of time, to 1960, a time before the 2012 apocalypse!

      And in doing so, I crossed into THIS reality. I became, as I knew I was fated to be – Joshua Arcadio Garcia.

      I met Susannah St John in Tlacotalpan. I knew that I was supposed to go there, because of what ‘your’ Josh Garcia had told Andres in the Lake District house. He’d written the entire text of the postcard messages, on a piece of paper that he’d left at my family house in Glenridding.

      Naturally, I’d committed it to memory.

      Susannah followed my instructions and sent those postcards. But what I hadn’t appreciated was that I would become lost in time. Josh had failed to impress on my family that Arcadio was to be stuck in time. Or perhaps he did and they failed to impress it on me. They remembered the postcard messages, the Caesar Cipher and Tlacotalpan. This was all I had – the rest was faith.

      One day I used the Bracelet to travel to1922. I’d never traveled so far back. The Crystal Key burned out. And I was stuck in a time without the technology to repair the bracelet.

      I had no choice but to wait!

      I grew older. I had to wait for the technology to develop. I became an expert biochemist, teaching in several universities, always keeping a low profile, in case the emergent Sect found me out.

      Finally, the technology to repair the Bracelet was invented!

      By now, alas, I was an elderly man. Imagine – to that point I’d lived a life experiencing technology in reverse. My childhood in the early 21st century. Adulthood in the fallen world post-2012. Early middle age in the 1960s – a beautiful time! And then late middle age in the postwar period. The worst of times and the best of times, as Charles Dickens wrote.

      Now in my seventies, returned to Ek Naab – ‘your’ Ek Naab. And once again, they recognised me as one of their own by the Bracelet.

      I became Blanco Vigores. Borges, Calvino: a reminder to me of those books in my that house in Glenridding, with the stories of time travel.

      I knew that I had to hang on until Josh Garcia came along. The Ix Codex wasn’t in the same place as in my world – I quickly established that! If it had been there would be been no need for Josh. And yet of course, without Josh, I would never have travelled. Ying and yang, our two realities were yoked together.

      I used the Revival Chamber to preserve myself. Like skipping stones touching the water, I touched the years lightly, skimming across. People forgot how old I was. They simply remembered I was ‘old’. The secret of my longevity was shared by very few residents of Ek Naab.

      And then came Andres Garcia, who discovered Ek Naab. A man so like my own father that it brought tears to my eyes. To see one’s father as a much younger man – it’s a very moving thing. And he sought the Ix Codex.

      Secretly, I gave him the Bracelet of Itzamna. Even suspecting as I did, that it would bring about his death. The truth is that I didn’t know for certain, how anything would play out. I’d left the messages in the postcards with Susannah.

      The rest was in the hands of Andres and Josh.

      When Josh returned to Ek Naab with the repaired Bracelet, and the story of his father’s death on the slopes of Orizaba, I began to understand more fully, what would happen. It was very difficult to see myself as a young boy, so vulnerable and yet so responsible. It didn’t seem fair. I knew it had to be.

      Yet, I couldn’t bear to see it happen. So, I left Ek Naab.

      The rest, I think you know. I returned to Tlacotalpan and my dear Susannah. I waited for the end of the world.

      And it never came. :)

  42. Daniel Molnar says:

    Thanks so much blanco! I really love this blog because this is like speaking to the actual characters of a book1:-)

  43. Daniel Molnar says:

    Hey wait a minute! How are you even writing blanco? Arent yoy blind????

  44. m says:

    im so confused – who real and who not?

  45. anonymous says:

    is this m.g harris (the writer of joshua files) or the ‘real’ josh? i don’t get it. if youre just someone who claims as josh garcia, who is the guy on that video? lol sorry im just asking! :D

  46. anonymous says:

    and are you josh from the Joshua Files? is that book based on a real story? sorry if this is annoying! haha i just want to know :)

  47. anonymous says:

    oh yes ofc i just saw the dates and it seems like i am the only person who talk in this blog at the end of 2014. wow. this is like youre all dead ppl. and josh’s latest blog is more than a year ago. or maybe im not the only one..?

  48. bayu says:

    hallo josh and blanco
    is this blog still active?
    i’ve just finished reading the last book (apocalypse moon), i think it’s awesome. i’m a new fan from indonesia, sorry for my bad english here
    btw i want to ask something that i might be missing from the story so far, about arcadio
    if arcadio is josh from the future when 2012 apocalypse happened (let’s name it universe #1), and this josh is traveling back in time and he became arcadio which gave young josh clues and then ultimately this josh able to prevent the world from disaster of superwave, then in my understanding this actions will create a parallel world which the apocalpyse never happen (let’s name it universe #2)

    but this is where i miss the things. the question is, which universe is the original universe that supossed to happen before josh (regardless from which universe) use the bracelet for the first time?

    if the answer is josh’s universe #1, it means that josh/arcadio is living in a parallel world, leaving all his original families and loving and memories too (which is sad, i think)

    but if the answer is josh’s universe #2, i don’t really understand how, because when he travel to the future and finds out that the world is suffered from the superwave, first thing is, they failed to prevent it from happening, then he traveled again to the year before 2012 and succeded to activate the moon machine which protect the earth and eventually create a different future which is definitely another parallel world. and second question is, if universe #2 is the original universe, how can josh arcadio knew that he is the one who put muwan in the cave, i mean, who inspire who, is it josh that inspire arcadio to travel back in time and became arcadio in josh reality, ori is it arcadio that inspire josh to do his adventure, both of this confuse me, maybe i can get some explaination

    last, i like how you include lake toba and indonesia in your adventure, i mean who would guess that the machine to protect the world from apocalypse is in my country, hehe. you should travel back to toba lake sometimes

    sorry for the long post, i hope someone would give me some answers
    thank you

  49. Josh Garcia says:

    It’s not active cos I am sooo busy. I just checked my comments and whoa, quite a few. Will do a catch up blog. :)

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