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Q&A time from Oxford

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I leave my blog unattended for a year and what happens? QUESTIONS!

Some answers:

JG at Oxford1. Am I real?

YES. Behold a new photo of me from a mad dinner at college in Oxford.

2. From Bayu

i’ve just finished reading the last book (apocalypse moon), i think it’s awesome.

i’m a new fan from indonesia, sorry for my bad english here
btw i want to ask something that i might be missing from the story so far, about arcadio

if arcadio is josh from the future when 2012 apocalypse happened (let’s name it universe #1), and this josh is traveling back in time and he became arcadio which gave young josh clues and then ultimately this josh able to prevent the world from disaster of superwave, then in my understanding this actions will create a parallel world which the apocalpyse never happen (let’s name it universe #2)

but this is where i miss the things.

the question is, which universe is the original universe that supossed to happen before josh (regardless from which universe) use the bracelet for the first time?

 if the answer is josh’s universe #1, it means that josh/arcadio is living in a parallel world, leaving all his original families and loving and memories too (which is sad, i think)

 but if the answer is josh’s universe #2, i don’t really understand how, because when he travel to the future and finds out that the world is suffered from the superwave, first thing is, they failed to prevent it from happening, then he traveled again to the year before 2012 and succeded to activate the moon machine which protect the earth and eventually create a different future which is definitely another parallel world.

and second question is, if universe #2 is the original universe, how can josh arcadio knew that he is the one who put muwan in the cave, i mean, who inspire who, is it josh that inspire arcadio to travel back in time and became arcadio in josh reality, ori is it arcadio that inspire josh to do his adventure, both of this confuse me, maybe i can get some explaination

last, i like how you include lake toba and indonesia in your adventure, i mean who would guess that the machine to protect the world from apocalypse is in my country, hehe. you should travel back to toba lake sometimes

 sorry for the long post, i hope someone would give me some answers

thank you

THANK YOU Bayu for the brilliant first question. One I have pondered myself, definitely.

Yes, Arcadio/Blanco left behind all his family and friends. Yes he is definitely Sad Josh. You don’t know how glad I am that he came over to our parallel universe because otherwise that would have happened to me. It’s strange, we don’t have much connection. Our memories are the same until about 13. Then our lives took very different paths. Well, you know all about it if you read those books.

It certainly explained all those times that Blanco would get a bit sad, especially that first time, when we sat on the bench together. Gawd. That was so long ago, now!

As for your second question, if I understand correctly you are asking me WHO LEFT THE MUWAN IN THE CAVE IN 2012?

YASSS. I have about wondered this too! It wasn’t me – I’d remember. To get your answer, read the post from Blanco Vigores. (You know, the grown-up time-traveler version of my alternative universe self.)

Blanco Vigores speaks!

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(From Josh: Firstly, apologies for not blogging much and for not answering questions until it’s so long after that you probably don’t care about the reply!

There have been questions about Arcadio and Blanco on this blog. To save you all reading the comments, I’m posting a comment that I actually got Blanco to write.)

From Blanco:

Well, well. It’s been a very long time since I commented on a website.
But since it’s for Josh…

Daniel Molnar (who asked the question), like you, I was a boy in the UK. I lived in Oxford with my parents, Eleanor and Andres. They had a little girl named Sofia when I was thirteen years old. Time passed, I grew up, then came 2012.

My father knew something bad was going to happen. He’d found clues about a fifth codex of the Maya – the Ix Codex. He didn’t know where to find it exactly, but he had some ideas of where to start. And he knew it was about 2012. He spent all the savings and borrowed money to buy a second home in the Lake District. When the 2012 Apocalypse hit our world, he and my family moved there.

I didn’t. I refused to believe anything bad was going to happen. I stayed in Oxford and – to cut a long story short – I was recruited by the Sect for genetic manipulation with jlf. My eyes turned blue, I became responsive to hypnoticin. I could use it to influence people. Then I met the Josh Garcia who writes this blog.

He helped me to escape the Sect’s influence. I went to the Lake District and was reunited with my family. And slowly I began to understand the role I was to play in the universe that you and I and Josh now inhabit – a reality that did NOT suffer the destruction of the superwave.

In my twenties, I traveled a great deal, with the help of the Muwan that Josh left for us.

I eventually found the Bracelet of Itzamna. It wasn’t something that I could have done if I hadn’t had ABSOLUTE faith that I would find it. How did I have such faith? Because of the Muwan! Josh himself couldn’t have left that Muwan in the cave for himself to find, because he’d travelled to the cave in THIS parallel reality.

So who left the Muwan for him?

It had to be me. I must have gone back in time and to Ek Naab, and taken a Muwan that I then left for Josh to use. I would travel in time. Which meant that I WOULD find the Bracelet of Itzamna.

Oh but it took me so many years! Fruitless years of searching! Because in my reality, Bosch never met a young Josh Garcia. I had to track it down to Izapa, where for many years I dug. And then I found it.

Unlike with the Bracelet in your reality, the Crystal wasn’t completely burned out. With the help of the liquid key, which I synthesized at an abandoned biotechnology institute in Temixco, Mexico, I was able to repair the Bracelet. In my own reality, I had searched for and translated the Ix Codex. In fact I studied that Bracelet for many years, and have become something of an expert!  I learned a secret that Josh has not yet learned – how to control the crossover to another reality. This is the true power of the Bracelet. It is a means of travel between realities, not merely of travel through time.

I travelled to Ek Naab, back in 2014. They recognised me as the rightful owner of the Erinsi time-jump device and translator of the Ix Codex. They gave me a Muwan which I promised to leave for ‘your’ Josh. And having completed my duties, or so I believed, I crossed over. Aged thirty-four years old, I escaped my fallen universe and leapt across the fabric of time, to 1960, a time before the 2012 apocalypse!

And in doing so, I crossed into THIS reality. I became, as I knew I was fated to be – Joshua Arcadio Garcia.

I met Susannah St John in Tlacotalpan. I knew that I was supposed to go there, because of what ‘your’ Josh Garcia had told Andres in the Lake District house. He’d written the entire text of the postcard messages, on a piece of paper that he’d left at my family house in Glenridding. Naturally, I’d committed it to memory.

Susannah followed my instructions and sent those postcards. But what I hadn’t appreciated was that I would become lost in time. Josh had failed to impress on my family that Arcadio was to be stuck in time. Or perhaps he did and they failed to impress it on me. They remembered the postcard messages, the Caesar Cipher and Tlacotalpan. This was all I had – the rest was faith.

One day I used the Bracelet to travel to 1922. I’d never traveled so far back. The Crystal Key burned out. And I was stuck in a time without the technology to repair the bracelet. I had no choice but to wait!

I grew older. I had to wait for the technology to develop. I became an expert biochemist, teaching in several universities, always keeping a low profile, in case the emergent Sect found me out. Finally, the technology to repair the Bracelet was invented!

By now, alas, I was an elderly man. Imagine – to that point I’d lived a life experiencing technology in reverse. My childhood in the early 21st century. Adulthood in the fallen world post-2012. Early middle age in the 1960s – a beautiful time! And then late middle age in the postwar period. The worst of times and the best of times, as Charles Dickens wrote.

Now in my seventies, returned to Ek Naab – ‘your’ Ek Naab. And once again, they recognised me as one of their own by the Bracelet. I became Blanco Vigores. Borges, Calvino: a reminder to me of those books in my that house in Glenridding, with the stories of time travel.

I knew that I had to hang on until Josh Garcia came along. The Ix Codex wasn’t in the same place as in my world – I quickly established that! If it had been there would be been no need for Josh. And yet of course, without Josh, I would never have travelled. Ying and yang, our two realities were yoked together.

I used the Revival Chamber to preserve myself. Like skipping stones touching the water, I touched the years lightly, skimming across. People forgot how old I was. They simply remembered I was ‘old’. The secret of my longevity was shared by very few residents of Ek Naab.

And then came Andres Garcia, who discovered Ek Naab. A man so like my own father that it brought tears to my eyes. To see one’s father as a much younger man – it’s a very moving thing. And he sought the Ix Codex. Secretly, I gave him the Bracelet of Itzamna. Even suspecting as I did, that it would bring about his death. The truth is that I didn’t know for certain, how anything would play out. I’d left the messages in the postcards with Susannah.

The rest was in the hands of Andres and Josh.

When Josh returned to Ek Naab with the repaired Bracelet, and the story of his father’s death on the slopes of Orizaba, I began to understand more fully, what would happen. It was very difficult to see myself as a young boy, so vulnerable and yet so responsible. It didn’t seem fair. I knew it had to be. Yet, I couldn’t bear to see it happen. So, I left Ek Naab.

The rest, I think you know. I returned to Tlacotalpan and my dear Susannah. I waited for the end of the world.

And it never came. :)

My Really Rather Ordinary Life

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Lake Bacalar blues

A few of my blog-readers have asked me to write about my normal life. I don’t feel much compulsion to this, tbh. I started a blog (The Joshua Files) for – urgh. All sorts of reasons. Mainly, because things were messed up and confusing and I needed somewhere to unload all that.

In those days I didn’t have a girlfriend.

And now I do. And now she’s the one who gets all the unloaded spiel. It’s a great arrangement. :)

I also have some other friends in Ek Naab now. And we study and hang out and play musical instruments and I sometimes go off the estate and into Chetumal, or to Lake Bacalar (picture above). Sometimes these little trips remind me of things that happened, obviously, before 2012. It’s been almost a year now, since Crazy Times for me.

It feels as though things have calmed down. The atmosphere in Ek Naab is changing. People have started to leave. Yes! Amazing, for such a closed-in world. Young people don’t want to be hemmed in. People who weren’t allowed to travel are now allowed out. There are secret-ish visits from officials in the NRO. Colonel Conor Bennett is here every so often. Man, he’s a cool guy! I also met his brother, Jackson. (who’s kind of a geek, but then I can hardly talk, can I?)

But life feels SO much more normal. It’s really not something I’d write about that. Who would care about Benicio and his new girlfriend and how they’re getting along and Ixchel and Tyler, who I chat to at least once a day. We’re just normal people now. Ish. OK, not really, but at least we don’t have the responsibility of saving the world!

So, I’m on the final run-up to exams. The scary A2 exams, from the United Kingdom. Maths, Further Maths and Physics. To get into Brasenose College, Oxford, I need to get A*AA!

I’m going to sit them in an international school in Mexico City. If I was still in the dark parallel, I could have stayed with Susannah St John in her fab apartment while I’m in the city . . . Ah well. That world is lost to us all, and it’s a good thing too. I still get a bit nostalgic for it, that’s all.

To the memory of a very beautiful night on the beach.

Best. Night. Ever.

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Hello, blogeroons. Sorry it’s been so long since I posted, but Alisha commented that she would like to hear more, and I remembered that I DID write a blog, quite recently, but I posted it as a guest post on someone else’s blog. So here it is, in case you missed it: This is what we got up to in Ek Naab, on the date of the ‘Mayan apocalypse.’ (Of course we weren’t worried, we knew all was cool and shipshape.)

I woke late on the day that was supposed to be the end of the world. I had a little smile to myself looking at Twitter at all the Mayan Doomsday posts, laughing it up. Well, sure, why not? The way we know we succeeded is that no-one outside of Ek Naab knew much about what was going on. The space scientists knew, but you have to expect that…

The preparations for the party were already under way. Benicio and some of the Sky Guardians were going to let people onto their training machine, the virtual reality simulator. It’s a piece of kit that took Carlos Montoyo into negotiations with one of NASA’s major suppliers to get hold of. This was back when the NRO had only the vaguest idea that in the skies of southern Mexico, something strange might just be going on. He pretended that the owners of the plantation above Ek Naab were planning to open a multi-billion dollar theme park and that the simulator was going to be like, our Mission Orange. But that’s another story.

Anyway, Benicio was in the main plaza, setting up the simulator. I grabbed a breakfast burrito and helped out with the guys who were setting up the rolling stage. There was going to be a concert there until two am. There aren’t many musicians in EK Naab so the twenty of us had to take turns playing different sets, each playing two sets, three hours apart. My band’s been together for only three months so we’re not that great, firstly. But worse – we don’t have more than 25 minutes of music we can play! I wanted us to play originals but Leonora, our lead singer, refused. I don’t know why because it’s not as though people in Ek Naab really listen to music but ever since Mum and I arrived, I have to admit, the interest in rock music has increased A LOT.

Ixchel rolled up at around 2 in the afternoon. She had a twinkly look in her eye that I took the wrong way completely. I was all set to finish up, get some lunch and head over to her place until I realised that she had something else in mind. Mum or Montoyo must have tipped her off because it turned out that they’d cooked up a plan to fly out to Tlacotalpan. Now that is also another BIG story but I have been instructed not to write about what happened in Tlacotalpan because of SPOILERS.

So we went off to Tlacotalpan, Mum, Montoyo, Ixchel and me. And amazing, wonderful stuff happened and it was very cool and also kind of romantic, in more than one way, but I’m getting into spoilerish territory there.

When we got back to Ek Naab it was one in the morning. I’d promised Leonora that I’d join in with the band if they waited until the end for me, and amazingly, without hardly any fuss at all, they did.

We played that Gotye  song that everyone is mad about (even here) and also a couple of Green Day classics (Holiday and Good Riddance) and Muse (Supermassive Black Hole) and then specially for Leonora, Fast Car (which she sings really well) and Poker Face (less impressive but then I think that song is less difficult to sing, I mean, even I can do an OK job of that. :) ). It’s kind of a weird set, but that’s because we’re mashing up all the different band members’ musical tastes. I guess mainly we’re just going to have to be happy as a cover band. :P

And then we got off the stage and all the kids in Ek Naab all got on stage and did Ek Naab Style. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Yes I videoed it but no, I’m not allowed to put in on Youtube.

Gangnam Style – one crazy end to 2012. Believe me, back when I first found the Ix Codex, I did NOT see that coming.

Well, I was too tired to join in, just exhausted from the long day. I put my arms around Ixchel and finally, headed home with her.


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I persuaded Montoyo to let us out of Ek Naab, all the way to the bright lights of Chetumal. (I know – with the whole world to choose from! But I have a soft spot for Chetumal.)

Hey, I’ve done everything I need to do before 2012. Now it’s up to the Erinsi. If they made the moon machine properly, we’ll be OK.

Ixchel and I went to Uruguayan restaurant near the sea front. It’s in a historic old house, lots of dark wood inside and pale-blue-and-white Uruguay flags draped on the walls. We had warm little cheese pasties followed by slabs of barbequed steak on wooden boards. We sat in silence for a while, chewing the smoky meat and listening to traffic sounds, to seagulls cawing as they swoop, to the crash of waves on the nearby shore.

Ixchel said, “If we could just get out every month, I think I could live in Ek Naab forever.”

What she said made me remember something other-Tyler once told me, when I was in the parallel future.

“Or maybe it’s just the opposite. Albert Camus once wrote that if it’s all you have ever known, you can get used to anything.”

She gave me this curious look. “You’ve read Camus?”

“Tyler did. And he told me about it. Other-Tyler I mean. He was doing a book for French A Level.”

I used to think that if I had been forced to live in the trunk of a dead tree, with nothing to do but look up at the sky moving overhead, I would have become used to it, little by little,” Ixchel said, with a smile. “Or something similar. I’ve read that book too, in World Literature class. ‘The Outsider’.”

What could I say? “Seriously, wow.”

Ixchel chuckled. “I still think about that book.”

“Yeah, same. I mean, after Tyler said what he did. I should probably read it.”

That got a laugh. “I’ll get you a copy for your birthday.”

It was on the tip of my lips to make a joke like ‘Yay, a book, just what I wanted. Haven’t read a book since I finished His Dark Materials.’ But I stopped myself. I thought about that other-Josh, whose room I stayed in in the Lake District. He read books, from what i could see. We seemed to like the same kind of music. We couldn’t be all that different.

Maybe it’s time I started reading again.

“OK, thanks. That would be cool.”

She watched me and laughed. “Obviously I’ll get you something else too.”

“Oh yeah, what?”

The Hunger Games books?”

“Yeah, all right, the film was pretty good.”

Fictions, by Borges.”

“Well sure, I already started to read that. What else?”

“Hmmm.” She had a good, long think then, while I got back to dipping blackened steak into a meaty sauce. “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.”

“Never heard of it.”

“You’ll love it. The writer is a genius. It’s about a nerdy New Jersey boy from the Dominican Republic who is crazy-desperate to fall in love but he’s too busy being this huge geek, reading comic books and playing computer games.”

“Ehh? Why can’t he do both?”

“Because of his tragic family past.”

“You know what I’d really like? Apart from the books, obviously?”

“A huge high definition TV?”

“Obviously. No – a Playstation Kinect.”

“Flying a Muwan isn’t enough adrenaline for you?”

“Or – no, wait, I’ve got something even better! A snowboarding trip to Chile. I’d love to learn to snowboard.”

Dessert was a hot fudge brownie and ice cream sundae for two. Hunks of a gooey cake, all covered with whipped cream, hot fudge sauce over neat little balls of vanilla ice-cream, couple of bright red cherries sitting on the top. We each took a spoon and dug in. And I put together a list of all my birthday wishes.

But the truth was, sitting in that restaurant with Ixchel, I was already getting my biggest birthday wish, right then.

Hanging out at Ixchel’s. (plus – a new video!)

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My classes were cancelled today because our teacher came down with a stomach virus. I decided to lao the library and spent the afternoon at Ixchel’s. First I recorded the latest song I’ve learned to play WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS by Green Day. (It’s one of Tyler’s favourites.)

Then we just hung out.
We didn’t talk for ages, one of the things I really like about her, she knows when to be silent, nothing puts me off more than a girl getting chatty when you want to get romantic. On the other hand I sometimes find myself wondering what she’s thinking about, in all that silence. I guess I worry that maybe she’s thinking about Benicio. Well, whatever. It’s fine to have feelings for your ex, why not. Sometimes I think about Ollie and how I was about to fall for her when I found out what a liar she was. I don’t miss Ollie, only the way I she used to make me feel.
Predictably, after about an hour my phone started to buzz. Mum.
Ixchel said, “You should see your grumpy face. You look about nine years old.”
I said, “I’m nearly sixteen. And my Mum is telling me where to go and what to do.”
“Don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Montoyo’s mother was famous for being bossy.”
It was the first time I’d ever heard his mother mentioned. “How long ago did she die?”
“She’s not dead! Montoyo moved her to Merida, in the apartment he keeps there. Actually she insisted. She fell out with everyone in the city; she’s the bossiest person you can imagine.”
“So if my mum marries Montoyo, she’ll have a second mother-in-law in Merida.”
“The women of your family have something of a history of going for men from this city. Your grandmother with Aureliano, now your mother with Montoyo.”
“You can’t blame my mum for Montoyo. He’s pretty cool for an old guy.”
“Oh, now you like him.”
“Like? I dunno. Respect? Sort of.”
“Montoyo tries to rule from behind the scenes. Who knows what’s really going on?”
“Doesn’t that worry you? It scares the heck out of me. When I first came to the city, everyone told me that 2012 was under control, so long as I found the Ix Codex. But the longer I spend here, the more I suspect that it’s not true.”
“I don’t know how you became so trusting in the first place.”
“Just cos I’m not as fatalistic as you.”
Ixchel said nothing for a bit.
“So you think we’re all doomed, is that it? You think they’re going to fail, and there’s nothing we can or should do?”
“Maybe. Or maybe it’s fate. And what happens after 2012 is the price we all pay for. . .” And she stopped talking.
“You think that we’re just supposed to let the universe muck us about and not resist…?”
“The universe?! Josh, it’s not a conscious being.”
“You know what I mean. The US National Reconnaissance Office, trying to grab our technology. The Sect, trying to stop the Erinsi 2012 plan. The superwave, blasting its way through the galaxy. All of that is ‘the universe’.”
“We can’t do much about any of that,” Ixchel said. “Apart from follow the Erinsi’s instructions.”
I didn’t want to get into a row, so I didn’t continue. But I couldn’t disagree with Ixchel more. Maybe other people can’t do anything, but I know that I can. We wouldn’t even have the Ix Codex if it wasn’t for me. No one is invincible, but also there’s no way I have to sit back and wait for things to play out.
Anyway. Enjoy the song!

Business and unfairness

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Arrgh. I hate being this busy. It is not right for a person my age to have to work like someone in their forties! No time for practising my guitar, hardly any time for hanging out with Ixchel, just terrifying, hideous amounts of school work. Why did I say I wanted to learn to pilot a Muwan? WHY?
I downloaded the GCSE Maths syllabus that I would have been doing if I’d stayed in Oxford, at St. Greg’s. Well, I can pretty safely say that I will have covered the lot by the end of this month.
I’m in a special class of accelerated mathematics students, all wannabe pilots. Out of five of us, only one will be picked to be trained as a Muwan pilot.
(please let it be me, please let it be me, please let it be me.)
I have been up all evening working on some math problems that almost melted my brain. And now I just want to sleep but all I can see is xs and ys and zs.
My mother, also, is the meanest. She won’t let Ixchel have sleepovers with me. Even if she sleeps on the sofa in the living room?
While Dear Mother entertains Carlos Montoyo all night long. Wrong and unfair on so many levels.

Secret within a secret?

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Well, things have gotten pretty wierd of late.

Ever since the dream I had a bit ago about being back in England, and Emmy being funny with me about Tyler, I’ve felt that something strange is going on.

Anyway, had a bit of a row with Ixchel too. Went to see Lorena, the Chief Scientist. I asked her if there could be something wrong with my brain, because my memory seems to be totally unreliable. At first I thought Emmy was having jokes with me. But now Benicio is at it too. And Lorena. They can’t all be in on it.

Montoyo asked me to go see him so I’m going over there in a bit. Apparently he’s been looking for me all day.

Sorry blog readers, I can’t really think straight enough to write anything more clearly. It’s as though there’s this big secret that everyone is in on – except me. Pretty disconcerting.

I wonder what Montoyo wants?

Legends of Ek Naab

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OK I’m back to blogging. Although – I did record a new song that I’ve been practicing! (see the video box)

This is a place of many legends. I found a second-hand book – ‘Legends of Ek Naab’ in the marketplace the other day, printed about fifty years ago. You’ll never guess who it was by…Blanco Vigores! The name wasn’t on the front cover, but I found it inside.

Some of the legends, I already knew. Like the story of Chan and Albita, the teenagers who were crazy in love and then died together, lost in the Depths. :( Chan and Albita had gone searching for a poetry-obsessed kid, Kan’ek who went off by himself, all depressed because his girl wouldn’t marry him. When he came back he wasn’t interested in poetry any longer but he smelled of gardenias and it drove all the girls wild.

Then there’s the story of the miracle of Our Lady of the Hibiscus, who made all theose flowers bloom in dark, labyrinthine tunnels. And the one about the storm which came and blew everyone away.

It seems that Blanco was something of an expert on the legends. He certainly spends enough of our conversations telling me them. Today I was thinking about the story of ‘Gilded Juancho’. 6. Gilded Juancho.

Exiled from Ek Naab when his wife had a third child, Juancho left the city to seek his fortune and returned via the tunnels. He didn’t make it but his gilded body was found, perfectly preserved, twenty years later.

I mean, what’s that supposed to tell us? That there was some kind of ominous punishment for having a third child? It’s true that there aren’t any third children, in fact there aren’t many families with two kids, from what I can tell.

It’s not easy to live in a confined space. You have to limit almost everything. Even brotherly love. Maybe that’s why I settled in so well – it’s a world of only children.

Don’t mess with the hair!

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Bleagh. Didn’t feel like writing today so I tried a vlog. Yes that’s right, me, a vlogger. Just like my godfather’s daughter Gabi Beltran, before she went mysteriously missing.

Or the amazing charlieissocoollike, Mr Thirteen Marshmallows himself.

Watch it. I recorded it yesterday.