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Q&A time from Oxford

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I leave my blog unattended for a year and what happens? QUESTIONS!

Some answers:

JG at Oxford1. Am I real?

YES. Behold a new photo of me from a mad dinner at college in Oxford.

2. From Bayu

i’ve just finished reading the last book (apocalypse moon), i think it’s awesome.

i’m a new fan from indonesia, sorry for my bad english here
btw i want to ask something that i might be missing from the story so far, about arcadio

if arcadio is josh from the future when 2012 apocalypse happened (let’s name it universe #1), and this josh is traveling back in time and he became arcadio which gave young josh clues and then ultimately this josh able to prevent the world from disaster of superwave, then in my understanding this actions will create a parallel world which the apocalpyse never happen (let’s name it universe #2)

but this is where i miss the things.

the question is, which universe is the original universe that supossed to happen before josh (regardless from which universe) use the bracelet for the first time?

 if the answer is josh’s universe #1, it means that josh/arcadio is living in a parallel world, leaving all his original families and loving and memories too (which is sad, i think)

 but if the answer is josh’s universe #2, i don’t really understand how, because when he travel to the future and finds out that the world is suffered from the superwave, first thing is, they failed to prevent it from happening, then he traveled again to the year before 2012 and succeded to activate the moon machine which protect the earth and eventually create a different future which is definitely another parallel world.

and second question is, if universe #2 is the original universe, how can josh arcadio knew that he is the one who put muwan in the cave, i mean, who inspire who, is it josh that inspire arcadio to travel back in time and became arcadio in josh reality, ori is it arcadio that inspire josh to do his adventure, both of this confuse me, maybe i can get some explaination

last, i like how you include lake toba and indonesia in your adventure, i mean who would guess that the machine to protect the world from apocalypse is in my country, hehe. you should travel back to toba lake sometimes

 sorry for the long post, i hope someone would give me some answers

thank you

THANK YOU Bayu for the brilliant first question. One I have pondered myself, definitely.

Yes, Arcadio/Blanco left behind all his family and friends. Yes he is definitely Sad Josh. You don’t know how glad I am that he came over to our parallel universe because otherwise that would have happened to me. It’s strange, we don’t have much connection. Our memories are the same until about 13. Then our lives took very different paths. Well, you know all about it if you read those books.

It certainly explained all those times that Blanco would get a bit sad, especially that first time, when we sat on the bench together. Gawd. That was so long ago, now!

As for your second question, if I understand correctly you are asking me WHO LEFT THE MUWAN IN THE CAVE IN 2012?

YASSS. I have about wondered this too! It wasn’t me – I’d remember. To get your answer, read the post from Blanco Vigores. (You know, the grown-up time-traveler version of my alternative universe self.)

Blanco Vigores speaks!

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(From Josh: Firstly, apologies for not blogging much and for not answering questions until it’s so long after that you probably don’t care about the reply!

There have been questions about Arcadio and Blanco on this blog. To save you all reading the comments, I’m posting a comment that I actually got Blanco to write.)

From Blanco:

Well, well. It’s been a very long time since I commented on a website.
But since it’s for Josh…

Daniel Molnar (who asked the question), like you, I was a boy in the UK. I lived in Oxford with my parents, Eleanor and Andres. They had a little girl named Sofia when I was thirteen years old. Time passed, I grew up, then came 2012.

My father knew something bad was going to happen. He’d found clues about a fifth codex of the Maya – the Ix Codex. He didn’t know where to find it exactly, but he had some ideas of where to start. And he knew it was about 2012. He spent all the savings and borrowed money to buy a second home in the Lake District. When the 2012 Apocalypse hit our world, he and my family moved there.

I didn’t. I refused to believe anything bad was going to happen. I stayed in Oxford and – to cut a long story short – I was recruited by the Sect for genetic manipulation with jlf. My eyes turned blue, I became responsive to hypnoticin. I could use it to influence people. Then I met the Josh Garcia who writes this blog.

He helped me to escape the Sect’s influence. I went to the Lake District and was reunited with my family. And slowly I began to understand the role I was to play in the universe that you and I and Josh now inhabit – a reality that did NOT suffer the destruction of the superwave.

In my twenties, I traveled a great deal, with the help of the Muwan that Josh left for us.

I eventually found the Bracelet of Itzamna. It wasn’t something that I could have done if I hadn’t had ABSOLUTE faith that I would find it. How did I have such faith? Because of the Muwan! Josh himself couldn’t have left that Muwan in the cave for himself to find, because he’d travelled to the cave in THIS parallel reality.

So who left the Muwan for him?

It had to be me. I must have gone back in time and to Ek Naab, and taken a Muwan that I then left for Josh to use. I would travel in time. Which meant that I WOULD find the Bracelet of Itzamna.

Oh but it took me so many years! Fruitless years of searching! Because in my reality, Bosch never met a young Josh Garcia. I had to track it down to Izapa, where for many years I dug. And then I found it.

Unlike with the Bracelet in your reality, the Crystal wasn’t completely burned out. With the help of the liquid key, which I synthesized at an abandoned biotechnology institute in Temixco, Mexico, I was able to repair the Bracelet. In my own reality, I had searched for and translated the Ix Codex. In fact I studied that Bracelet for many years, and have become something of an expert!  I learned a secret that Josh has not yet learned – how to control the crossover to another reality. This is the true power of the Bracelet. It is a means of travel between realities, not merely of travel through time.

I travelled to Ek Naab, back in 2014. They recognised me as the rightful owner of the Erinsi time-jump device and translator of the Ix Codex. They gave me a Muwan which I promised to leave for ‘your’ Josh. And having completed my duties, or so I believed, I crossed over. Aged thirty-four years old, I escaped my fallen universe and leapt across the fabric of time, to 1960, a time before the 2012 apocalypse!

And in doing so, I crossed into THIS reality. I became, as I knew I was fated to be – Joshua Arcadio Garcia.

I met Susannah St John in Tlacotalpan. I knew that I was supposed to go there, because of what ‘your’ Josh Garcia had told Andres in the Lake District house. He’d written the entire text of the postcard messages, on a piece of paper that he’d left at my family house in Glenridding. Naturally, I’d committed it to memory.

Susannah followed my instructions and sent those postcards. But what I hadn’t appreciated was that I would become lost in time. Josh had failed to impress on my family that Arcadio was to be stuck in time. Or perhaps he did and they failed to impress it on me. They remembered the postcard messages, the Caesar Cipher and Tlacotalpan. This was all I had – the rest was faith.

One day I used the Bracelet to travel to 1922. I’d never traveled so far back. The Crystal Key burned out. And I was stuck in a time without the technology to repair the bracelet. I had no choice but to wait!

I grew older. I had to wait for the technology to develop. I became an expert biochemist, teaching in several universities, always keeping a low profile, in case the emergent Sect found me out. Finally, the technology to repair the Bracelet was invented!

By now, alas, I was an elderly man. Imagine – to that point I’d lived a life experiencing technology in reverse. My childhood in the early 21st century. Adulthood in the fallen world post-2012. Early middle age in the 1960s – a beautiful time! And then late middle age in the postwar period. The worst of times and the best of times, as Charles Dickens wrote.

Now in my seventies, returned to Ek Naab – ‘your’ Ek Naab. And once again, they recognised me as one of their own by the Bracelet. I became Blanco Vigores. Borges, Calvino: a reminder to me of those books in my that house in Glenridding, with the stories of time travel.

I knew that I had to hang on until Josh Garcia came along. The Ix Codex wasn’t in the same place as in my world – I quickly established that! If it had been there would be been no need for Josh. And yet of course, without Josh, I would never have travelled. Ying and yang, our two realities were yoked together.

I used the Revival Chamber to preserve myself. Like skipping stones touching the water, I touched the years lightly, skimming across. People forgot how old I was. They simply remembered I was ‘old’. The secret of my longevity was shared by very few residents of Ek Naab.

And then came Andres Garcia, who discovered Ek Naab. A man so like my own father that it brought tears to my eyes. To see one’s father as a much younger man – it’s a very moving thing. And he sought the Ix Codex. Secretly, I gave him the Bracelet of Itzamna. Even suspecting as I did, that it would bring about his death. The truth is that I didn’t know for certain, how anything would play out. I’d left the messages in the postcards with Susannah.

The rest was in the hands of Andres and Josh.

When Josh returned to Ek Naab with the repaired Bracelet, and the story of his father’s death on the slopes of Orizaba, I began to understand more fully, what would happen. It was very difficult to see myself as a young boy, so vulnerable and yet so responsible. It didn’t seem fair. I knew it had to be. Yet, I couldn’t bear to see it happen. So, I left Ek Naab.

The rest, I think you know. I returned to Tlacotalpan and my dear Susannah. I waited for the end of the world.

And it never came. :)