If you’ve found this site then you already know who I am.You’re either a friend or a FOE.

If you’re from the Sect of Huracan, you know what? Who cares, you bunch of losers. You guys will never find the invisible city. You’ll never get the Ix Codex. You’ll never get to have your insane New World Order after Dec 22 2012.

So get over it! Find something better to do!

<end ranty Josh>

For everyone else, for the few friends I seem to have picked up between my old blog (The Joshua Files) and Habbo Hotel…and for my two friends in Oxford…

Welcome to myinvisiblecity!

I can’t tell you TOO much about my life here because, well, you know. (The Sect!)

But hopefully this can be my window on the outside world. From a very weird, very amazing and also kind of claustrophobic place.

So, hello world. And also, goodbye.