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Q&A time from Oxford

// May 19th, 2016 // 3 Comments » // blanco vigores, thoughts

WHOA. MATE. I leave my blog unattended for a year and what happens? QUESTIONS! Some answers: 1. Am I real? YES. Behold a new photo of me from a mad dinner at college in Oxford. 2. From Bayu i’ve just finished reading the last book (apocalypse moon), i think it’s awesome. i’m a new fan from […]

Blanco Vigores speaks!

// May 19th, 2016 // No Comments » // blanco vigores, thoughts

(From Josh: Firstly, apologies for not blogging much and for not answering questions until it’s so long after that you probably don’t care about the reply! There have been questions about Arcadio and Blanco on this blog. To save you all reading the comments, I’m posting a comment that I actually got Blanco to write.) […]

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